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Wednesday, October 16th 2013. | Android

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106 Responses to “learn to Get Free Android video games”

  1. josh12rox says:

    My Interest in the Android Field is related to:
    #1 Android UI
    #2 Android Functionalities
    #3 Maybe Some Android Games

    I’ve had little research, and from what I’ve been observing everybody’s been saying these are the programs I should I start with first:

    #1 Java
    #2 C++
    #3 C#
    #4 C
    #5 Objective C (For iOS/Mac *Planning*)

    My plan in the future is to work for Google. I would like to joint their department relating to development of the Android User Interface (Increasing Fluidity, Ease of Use, New Features)

    If any of you guys have an idea which Computer Language I should start with first, please feel free to share. My other question is:

    #1 What is the most in demand Computer Language to be hired among all the majority of tech companies? (Planning to self-teach myself)

    Anyways, Thank you all again, I really appreciate your answers.

  2. maskills24 says:

    i haven’t learn’t any assembly language nor c or c++. please guide me to choose any language to learn . i am really interested in creating games and not just playing games. i want to become a game programmer . no one has guided me in this field . please tell me what would be the best option for me right now .

  3. Mackenzie P says:

    I want to build apps and games for mobiles but i don’t know where to start.What languages do i have to learn?i mostly want to make apps for android,symbian and java based phones..and how hard is it for a single person?

  4. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    Preferably in English, Dutch is fine too. I want to learn at least the basics of JavaScript, I’ve already downloaded the 64 and 32 bit JDK’s and NetBeans, if there are any more programs I need to download, I’d like to know them too.

    My main OS is Windows 7, although I’ve got Linux Ubuntu 12.04 installed too.
    I’m planning on using NetBeans to test the code. And I prefer books to using the internet to learn things like this.

  5. johnkaiser 22 says:

    I want to learn to read Japanese on my Android smartphone. I need it to be free or cheap. I only need it to be able to play Famicom games in Japanese. Without it, I’d miss a lot.

  6. Jason says:

    Ok so I have to learn 700 words for my spanish assessment of by heart but they wont sink in! The assessment is on thursday but I cant revise in school, I only really have a few days to learn it. Do you have any tips or tactics to learning it? I keep reading it over and over but its not working:(
    I cant make it shorter, it has to be 700 words. Any tips on how to remember a lot quickly?
    By the way, its a WRITING exam and NOT a speaking exam.

  7. The Inc says:

    anything that’s easier than and as practical as the Google SDK?

  8. Caltel T says:

    It’s been a while since I used one of the airfare comparing websites to get a low rate. Is there any new websites out now. If so let me know. Also, which is the best price comparing travel website.

  9. Cpt Excelsior says:

    Are there any games that are like Roller Coaster Tycoon or Zombie Farm, also? I know they dont have them on the Market, but are there any games that are similar to them?

  10. Johnky J says:

    i am 15 and i want to learn how to design video games mostly something that would be first person and what would i need to learn? what would a good college be? is ther anything i can download or read to teach me how to do more with video games
    thanks willie

  11. cardskid22 says:

    I have almost no knowldge in computer languages, but I am looking at HTML and C# to start. (I work better when I start a little more complicated things. Like, I started just straight reading Greek texts till I got a hang of the alphabet.) I am tired of all the Cheesy games on Google Play and want to create games with epic stories like Final Fantasy has done. I am a talented writer which helps there, but what progaming languages should I get into for that?

  12. Cpt Excelsior says:

    My Personal Interests:
    #1 Android Development (User Interface,Android Games and Features etc.)
    #2 Smartphone & Tablet Development from other companies (Samsung,Apple,HTC,ASUS, etc.)
    #3 Maybe something related to making Android Roms (Customization and Skins)
    #4 A little bit of games (Windows/Mac/PS4/Xbox One)

    Whenever I think about what I want to pursue in the future the few questions that pop in my mind:

    #1 What specific requirement does every company need or desire for an applicant to be hired?
    *Is there a possibility to be hired if self-taught only? (Very skilled through self-teaching)
    #2 What is most useful and in demand computer language that gives the “+” factor for being hired?

    I know this may sound a little bit risky, but I’m planning to self-teach myself the other computer languages to make myself save money instead of going to college. This is why my curiosity brings me here to this question.

    #1 They say Java is most useful for being hired for a Job, is this true?
    #2 Others say learning C++ will be better 1st, then jumping to Java for easy adjustment

    Final Last Question:

    #1 If learning one computer language is a good start (ex. Java/C++/Python), What are the most needed specific computer languages (Your Top 3-5) to learn in order to be applicant that a company definitely wants to hire?

    Please feel free to tell me the best advice, again I appreciate all your answers

  13. Patrick says:

    My parents are offering to get me a cell phone for school, because they are worried something might happen to me. I’m really happy to get one, but I’m kinda hoping for a smartphone (hopefully with a decent data plan!). I would love to be able to connect to the internet while I’m out and get free apps and games. I’m really excited for the apps because they can be used for a whole bunch of things and I’m starting to learn a language this school year and having a dictionary on my phone without having to buy an expensive one would be really helpful. So, do you guys have any tips on how to convince my parents? Thanks!

  14. morbiusdog says:

    I am going to Oahu at the end of September for a week flying out of San Diego and was wondering if anyone had any tips for finding cheap airfare. So far the lowest rates I have been able to find have been around $550-$600. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Hannah says:

    Can you please list what a 14 year old girl would be like if she’s hormanal
    And then a seperate list if she would be depressed?
    Trying to work out if they have depression or are just hormonal.

  16. easton j says:

    I am planning an upcoming trip to Florida for the end of October. I will be booking my flight through either expedia.com, travelocity, or a similar website to these.

    I’ve been looking on these discount sites for some time and have noticed that the cost of airfare seems lower to book during the week and more expensive if I were to book during the weekend. Anybody else notice this? Anybody have any idea why?

  17. JackReynolds says:

    I have always known that something is not quite right about me. I’ve always been extremely shy and my dad has even described me as being “backward” before. Recently, I saw the show true life about people having social anxiety and I felt I related to them to an extent. I researched social anxiety because I really wanted to know more about it and I have in a way self-diagnosed myself and I need help in telling my mom. I have anxiety over telling my mom about my anxiety. Can you see my problem? I need to tell my mom so she can help me see a doctor to actually get a diagnosis or not. Please help.

  18. Random says:

    I and my friend are programmers and we wish to create a company so we can create software, sell it and educate ourself more, but what idea to pick start with, I need your opinon people.

    We are young (17) yet we love programing, but in our country, well lets just say it nicely and say that the school system for IT experts/porgrammers and education is bad and the only way to educate ourself is the learn by yourself, wich requies a lot of time and our school subjects have almost no connection to programming (even tought we choose the IT school, super old education sistem from 1991), anyway you get the point, there is not enough time for both.

    I was thinking about starting a kickstarter (or similar sites) project to raise money to create our company, we have many projects that we wish to do and we need your opinion on what would you like to see first.

    1. A ps3 home computer.
    Ps3 is a cheap yet extremly strong piece of hardware, imagine if you could install windows on it and work on it or HD play games, with a 400-500 euro device (ram modification will be needed only 256 mb, also hard drive space needs to be increased and maybe even GPU tought, i think its stil doing very good, that is why it would be about 200-300 euros more expensive than the original 200 euros), small yet so powerfull with a 7 core cpu, now old almost 9 years.
    The “only” thing that needs to be done is make a speciall WIndows version that will be able to work with the cpu, even tought not sure how happy would be Microsoft to provide support for a competitor company product…

    2. A game about the war in Youguslavia
    It was the biggest war since WW2 in Europe, yet almost nobody talks about it, nobody knows about the masacre done on the people, and all the losses and sacrafices done to make Croatia and Bosnia (isnt actually free, search the web about it, you shall se the most idiotic system ever made) free.
    Note, it would not be a mindless shooter like COD, the only thing we can offer you is the story of or people, our fathers and brothers that gave lives for their land.

    3 .Many not so hard programs
    Like, we allready got asked to do a program for changing fascades on houses for a company, working on it, but we would rather like to make it android based, so people can take their tablet or phone, take a pic of the house and then just with a few clicks change the color of the house fascade, might even do 3D but only windows verision.

    Let me know what you people think about the ideas and founding a company, or have a idea about a program that you always wanted yet never found/is done.

    Greetings and have a nice day.

  19. Terrence says:

    I am interested in developing small 2D games. I would like to be able to get them onto the Android and iOS platforms. My question is this….I’ve been looking into the Adobe products (flash, air, actionscript) and Im wondering if this is a decent place to start? I don’t have previous experience with coding, and plan to learn. Would learning to code in AS3 be a decent place to start, and can I realistically create a game start to finish with Adobe Creative Cloud? Or should I look elsewhere, should I learn C++? I would really appreciate some knowledgeable feedback, possibly from someone who has recently undertaken a similar venture. Also I would like your opinions on what platform for small indie 2D games are the most profitable, web-based, mobile, etc. I know these are loaded topics but thank you in advance for your responses!

  20. zaclo says:

    I’ve gone onto Android marketplace and it gives me the option to put my card details in. Somewhere else I read about Google Checkout – which I think is like PayPal? What’s the best way of buying apps through the Android marketplace?

    I’m used to Apple and iTunes etc and am new to the world of Android! (But loving my Galaxy S2!)

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  21. altair says:

    Okay, I want to learn how to make a 2D scroller game for Android. I know a little amount of Java.
    I want to learn how to make the animations, mission design and everything else there is to know to make it. I also like to learn how to make menus that’ll have ‘Mission select’ and anything else I need to know. So, is there a website that will have a video tutorial explaining what each line of code means. I want to understand it all or is there a tutorial in a text format to make this?. Please fill as much tutorials and everything else so I can learn to make this.

  22. Matthew S says:

    I’m a senior in high school and would like to know the best way to get into this? I’ve practically grown up playing video games and I would love to learn how to start coding and working on projects. All I have right now is being a game tester (heard that would look very good on a resume). I however, want to know what are some good ways to get into this field. Whether it be a university or some other type of program. I have no problems moving anywhere, I am not attached to where I live, so it can basically be anywhere. Just need some incite and how I can get noticed and out in the world doing what I love.
    I’ve been looking at SCAD and Full Sail University lately.

  23. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    i’ve started making videos about video games such as streets of rage 2 and sonic 3
    and i want to find a video editing software that is not a demo and youtube upload friendly.

  24. Travoiz says:

    My phone is an Android.

  25. sam N says:

    Is there any apps that will help with my battery life? The battery life doesn’t last very long on these phones. Any protection apps that would keep my phone safe? This is my first android phone so it’s quite the learning experience and I have no idea what should be on my phone and what shouldn’t be.

  26. gail C says:

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Buenos Aires at the end of the year. I’m interested in finding out how to get the best deal on airfare. We’ll both be in different cities before the trip so we could fly out of whichever city would be cheapest and just book domestic flights to get there.

    Also, if anyone has suggestions for travel agents that specialize in travel to South America that would be great. Thanks!

  27. Gabriel Kenney says:

    So my name is Keith and I am 21 years old, I would just like to see and listen to how you cope with your chronic pain and who knows I might be able to add that on my long list of coping skills. For you to participate on this topic you must follow this criteria:
    1. Must have a permanent or long term injury/pain/disease/illness
    2. Share your condition
    3. What you do to alleviate the painful condition

    I am suffering from injuries such as:
    1.Spinal Cord Injury on the thoracic that affects my cervical and lumbar spine
    2.Arthritis on my fused/broken thumb
    3.Achilles tendon injury (ruptured) on the left foot
    4.Two torn rotater cuff injuries on both left and right shoulders

    Coping skills:
    1. Usually I just stay home and relax
    2. Walking is a good exercise for me
    3. I apply acupuncture needles to myself
    4. I read a lot
    5. I tweak a bunch of stuff on computer electronics and on the computer itself
    6. I apply heat/ice packs on the injured area
    7. I keep a pain journal of what helps and what not
    8. I keep another separate journal for my personal thoughts on the computer’s notepad
    9. I read a lot of inspiring quotes that can help and alleviate my sorrows and make of my own.
    10. I play on the website lumosity to exercise my brain
    11. I call the distress hotline when I have to talk to somebody
    12. I eat proper diet
    13. I take pain killers – I try to keep them minimum->indomethaphine, meloxicam, cyclobenzaprin, and tylenol.
    14. I watch a lot of light hearted and easy going movies.
    15. I take a lot of vitamins (too much to list).
    16. I have a 300 dollar professional athlete Garmin heart monitor- to monitor my heart rate if I am stressing too much
    17. I do a lot of meditation on my bed or walking
    18. I like to troll time to time just to have a good laugh over online gaming.
    19. I am trying to learn french with audio books (such a good distraction)
    20. positive self talk
    21. praying to have a little faith on something
    22. Read comic books on my android tablet
    23. cleaning my house
    24. going to really quiet and underpopulated areas such as parks during 9pm-5am at night.
    25. Hitting my pillow.
    26. Shouting outloud when no one is around
    27. Listening to a lot of classical and instrumental songs
    28. Buying nice stuff to treat myself time to time. Like touchscreen gloves :D (its $2-5 on ebay) its awesome
    29. Smiling
    30. Enjoying life.

    Bonus: and have a happy new year! ENJOY 2013 – I have a great feeling it will be a fabulous year!

  28. Jason says:

    I have a little background in VB and C languages, and I’d like to be able to write phone apps. What is the predominant language for this…is it Java? I also heard they use web scripting like PHP. What kind of mastery of the language do you need if you’re on part of a small team that designs these apps?

  29. Sir fliesalot says:

    I’m looking for a free tutorial that teaches how to make a simple Checkers game (or other kind of board game) app for the Android. I mainly just want to learn the basics of making a virtual board game app. If you know of any good place to start, please answer with a link to the tutorial.

  30. SteveO says:

    I have an app idea that ive discussed with a couple people and they seemed really enthusiastic about the idea and say they’d use it if it was real. Where can I submit my idea to a legit app company for free?

  31. Bryant B says:

    I’m part of a team of people interested in making the first of several games. I’ve used ren’py before to make visual novels, however, we are interested in making our game in such a way that we can get it out in as many ways as possible- like ios, pc, mac, android, nook and xbox live market place, to name some possibilities. We have our ideas set and are already working on a script and artwork. What would be a good way to get this out? We’re open to looking into a variety of possible solutions, but aren’t sure where to start. We do have adobe flash, but we aren’t sure how easy or difficult it would be to convert a flash into an game across platforms. Again, we are open to other systems, but since this would be our first commercial game, we don’t have too much of a budget.

    We want players to be able to save, interact with the characters, and have conditions- by that I mean that if they click on this object here, it will effect their options here. Or, if like a dating sim, they earn a certain amount of a certain stat, like intelligence for example, new possibilities or events might open up for them.

    Can anyone give us some advice? I’m the computer literate one and have been designated in charge of this aspect of putting our game together.

    We’ve looked into Game Maker, actually, and are considering it, however, to be able to make a cross platform game, you need to purchase the Master version which is $500, so we want to learn about all our options before hand.

    While we do intend on making a good fun game, we want it to be simple and 2D- like most app games. We want to rely more on story, characters and player interaction to make it a strong game, rather than complex coding, graphics, etc. There are some really fun games out there that are actually pretty simple when you think about it, and since those are the sorts of games we like, those are what we’d like to make. It would be primarily story/text based with 2d art, 2d animations but with character interactions and such.

  32. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I need to find cheap airfare for Vegas in April. Everything seems to have went up. I already have hotel so I don’t need a package.

  33. Thomas A says:

    I want to do game design for a living, I think indie games might be a good place to start, if not let me know. Otherwise, how would I get started? What would I need to do to make an indie game and get it on XBL or just a flash game for some website. I’d really like some tips if you could help me out.
    Also would I need a group of people to help make one, or just myself. Any tips will help, thanks in advance.

  34. Pacman says:

    I am trying multiple things for learning java. I always fall out of interest or get bored but I really want to do this. Can someone direct me into a simple FREE way to learn java?

  35. Maggie says:

    I was wondering, when people with anorexia start recovery they have too start on lower calories and eventually get up to having 2500-3000 calories a day. So what happens if the person starts to gain a lot of weight when eating 1000 calories? Will they still have to get up to 3000 or will they then have to go through life eating less than 1000 calories once they have go to their final healthy weight?

  36. nathan says:

    I am new to computer coding and want to know what the overall best computer language is to learn in order to build and create market-worthy games (HTML5, iOS, Android).

  37. Ramblin Spirit says:

    My temper is the worst. When it blows up, people sometimes go to the hospital and things get broken. Including relationships. How can I keep from getting so violent when I get so angry?

  38. Michael says:

    I know python but it wont work for web pages, and I have no money to spend on this project.

  39. mrankinmatt says:

    Hello everybody and thanks for reading this question:

    I remember that I learned some programming time ago when finishing highschool but that was a long time ago. Recently I bought a mac for my everyday use. I want to know which programs or languages you recommend me to learn and where to purchase them/download them. Also, if you could suggest me some tutorials it would be great.

    Some cheap products I have seen listed in de App Store are listed below. Have you used any of them? would you recommend them to me?

    Objective C++ Preprocessor Headers
    Beginning C# Pro
    Beginning C Programming
    C# Editor
    Code Edit

    Man!!!! I donĀ“t even know what is the difference between C, C++ and C# Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance for your answers

  40. Xedo says:

    I am making a new game for a competition. I want to create a poison attack that will make the enemy lose health a certain amount of health every 10 seconds. How can I manage to do that? Please help.

  41. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    Im buying an HTC Incredible and Im excited to be able to code my own game apps. What language should I be using for coding 2D and3D games? Ive heard that Open Gl ES is being used.

  42. Big Banger says:

    So after knowing (I was told harshly) that free android game creation tool just don’t exist or that it requires quite a lot money. I decided to look for programming language (native or even interpreted) on android, anything thats free. I googled a few, found Scala but there’s not a lot of resource/tutorials about it on android and there’s the problem with the compiler I think.

  43. Sophia C says:

    My son and some friends would like to go on a four day ski trip. What is the best way to find affordable airfare for these college students?

  44. mr flibble says:

    I need a guide suggestion on learning for developing Android app and game.

    First of all, I have no background in programming and I am never good in math. What I do have is artistic skill and two ideas for mobile devices, one calendar app and one time management game.

    What I found on the web is that Java seems to be the language to learn if developing an app while C++ is good for developing a game. I can definitely handle graphic art and animation but I have no idea where to start on the programming part. I downloaded SDK (Java) and discovered Cocos2d-X (C++) and I don’t know what to do next, haha.

    Unfortunately, I am kind of old now so I can’t really go back to school and picking up two languages at the same time especially with the time efficiency. Really wish I had all these courses back in my university….

    Anyone have suggestion for me. Which should I learn first? Or there are other ways, engine, language, developing strategy…etc. that would suit me better?

    Any would be great, thanks for helping!

  45. Shay H says:

    We are going to St John this summer. Which website is best for finding the best deals on airfare? Should I go to the airlines websites directly or is a travel site better?

  46. Daniel says:

    I can’t download anymore freaking songs!!! I’m not “paying” for music anytime soon.

  47. Jairo says:

    Okay, so I am a devoted gamer and i really started thinking to choose game developing as a career path (I’m 16) and i want to know what game developing requires and maybe start learning it sooner so it will be easier later. Any links to some good sources of information or online courses (free or cheap I’m a bit short on money)?

  48. Dr Dorian says:

    There’s a lot of free android game maker out there but if you want to the games you have to pay a lot of money :/. If there’s at least a cheap way (etc 30 USD~) I’d love to buy it ,but I prefer free.
    preferrably a game maker/studio or something like that
    Java is quite hard if you’re just doing it on your spare time :/
    thenewboston is a good site though :D…

  49. Nick says:

    I’m eligible for an upgrade, but I’m stuck to which phone I should get. I currently own an iPhone 4, and my only dislike about it is the outdated 3G. I’ve heard good things about the Galaxy S4, and the woman at the AT&T store told me it’s much better than the iPhone if you like to do more than talk and email, but the menus are harder to get used to than an iPhone’s. But, I’ve become so accustomed to the iOS software, iMessage and apps, that it would be hard to switch to Android software.

    I like to download games and emulators, watch videos, listen to music, and text if that helps any.

  50. Jose B says:

    What are some interesting things to do online/Online hobbies?
    I do not mean the usual things like youtube, twitter, facebook etc., but something else

    I have been playing online games like dragonfable, runescape and grand theft auto online. But i am tired of them all, and i am looking for something new to do.

    I would like to hear what you guys out there usually do on the internet (except for facebook and stuff like that.)

  51. Zanto says:

    I’m getting a new phone in march and I’m not sure which to buy. Right now I have the iPhone 4. I wouldn’t mind starting over with something new, but I’m not sure. I don’t use my phone for gaming. I like it for things such a texting, checking my email, listening to music, and using things such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. I want a phone that has a lot of space because my iPhone only has 8gb and I’ve used up most of it. What phone would you recommend I buy?

  52. have faith says:

    Hello, I’m trying to create a game like Mafia Wars for Android, but I don’t know where to start. I have knowledge in C language and now I started to learn java language. Can you give me any help please?

  53. Sahil says:

    I am beginner and want to developt 2D games for phones, my core skill is conceptualization,drawing and animation. But i do not know anything about the coding.
    Can any one suggest me how to go? and which platform is more easy between the two Android and Apple phone.
    And am also interestd to do for browser based gaming.
    All i know is illustration.

  54. altair says:

    I am doing a college project where I am discussing all things suicide so I would very much appreciate if you can help me out here.

    They key area that I need help on is the methods in which people commit suicide

    What are the easiest ways for someone to end their life?

  55. Derek says:

    I am looking for a software to make android apps so that i can sell them. I don’t know all the coding and systems and stuff that actually build the app so I would like it to be fairly easy to use and a simple clean format. Can you please give suggestions? Thanks!
    Thank you so much! All of your answerers where very helpfull :)

  56. ericmreitz says:

    I wanted to start creating gaming apps for android/iphone to sell on the market. The thing is i’ve never created a gaming app before, i have no job and about $500 hundred to my name, yet i do desire create gaming apps. I would like to know that i can go into app development to learn how to create apps or at least hire people that can help me a gaming app fully functional to play.

    I have no experience in creating gaming app, i however, would like to know which option would be best for me.

  57. Eric says:

    I have a computer game in my mind but do not know how to make it a reality.I have everything plan of the game.

  58. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    I am flying from NYC to SJU (San Juan, puerto rico) on October 7th and returning October 9th. Airfare is around $350 right now and I was wondering when the best time would be to purchase the tickets. When are they usually the cheapest? How early should I buy them?

  59. Mak Sultan says:

    I’m a spontaneous traveler and I want to search for the cheapest airfare to random cities from Orlando, but all the websites I have found make you enter a destination, I want to just look at the fares for all cities.

  60. nasty1 says:

    I wanted to book a 7 day tour vacation package of Ireland from Groupon that includes airfare but I intend to stay in Europe after the tour is over and visit other countries in Europe on my own.

    Can I simply tell them to book my return flight for a date further in the future. Is it possible to stay longer than the tour expects? Anyone has experience in this matter?

    Thanks in advance. I’ll give 10 points to the most helpful answer.

  61. Alina Elliott says:

    I’ll be travelling to Rome in late June this year. Airfare for travel at that time is very expensive (about $1300). I’m wondering if it will go down in the next 2-3 months or if I should just buy it now.

  62. ericmreitz says:

    I’m planning on traveling from Atlanta to Los Angeles from July 30 to August 3. I’ve been checking airfare, and it’s too expensive. Are there any tips for getting the lowest airfare possible? (I’ve been checking the airlines’ websites–I’m unfamiliar with Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) Should I wait until the last minute to book it, go through a travel agent, etc.? Any advice is appreciated!
    Also forgot to add–my dates are flexible by 1 – 2 days either way, and I’ll be traveling with a 4-year-old.

  63. shahedC says:

    What do you think will happen to quantity demanded in response to a price change for airfare?

  64. Lucas H says:

    I am looking for the best deal on airfare from San Francisco to Singapore. My dates are flexable but want to go some time in October (next month) is there a good website to go to for a great deal?

  65. ouch says:

    I have a family reunion in June, I heard it’s supposed to be cheaper buying group airfare, but it was more than $200 higher when I called. Am I doing something wrong?

  66. Alina Elliott says:

    Many website shows the airfare but will add the airfare taxes and fees at the time of check out and may also link to the other websites eventually. Do you know a reliable website to search and show the best total cost for your international airfare ticket? Thank you.

  67. Willie says:

    I want to effectively graph the cost of airfare from Manhattan to Shanghai over a long period of time. However, I want to graph multiple airlines.

    Could you please suggest a good way to execute this (i.e. good websites that provide this information, etc.) as well as how I should setup the x and y axes?

  68. che-che says:

    My husband, a full-time grad student in Ohio, spent one semester studying abroad at a university in Chile. Can we deduct his airfare and living expenses on our tax return? I stayed here and paid 100% of costs of household, but additionally we had to pay rent, groceries, etc. for him while he was gone. How should we handle this on our return?

  69. RichT says:

    I’m looking for airfare for Christmas and would like to save as much money as possible!
    I’m in the US looking for a one-way flight.

  70. John says:

    Looking for airfare from chicago to vegas. Out on a friday night and back on saturday morning.

  71. Coffee t says:

    I am planning a trip to London for late December of this year (2010). How would I find the best airfare for this trip? When do the best prices tend to pop up?

  72. supernerd567 says:

    I booked a ticket and hotel in New Orleans (from Seattle) on rewards points and want to go somewhere else after that before returning to Seattle. Since part of the total vacation it is already booked and I have a set two weeks vacation time, I must depart from New Orleans on Saturday, June 8 and return home by Sunday, June 14. Where is the least expensive city (in terms of airfare) I can get to?

  73. MAK & CHEESE says:

    I am traveling from Houston, TX to Washington DC, and I am curious what a good price for airfare should be. I would appreciate any comments on prices for flights with 1 stop (I have found ones for about $250) and non-stop (I have found for about $330). Are these good prices?

  74. Milk84 says:

    How much is the airfare from Egypt to Philippines?
    How many hours and flights it would take?

  75. kass9191 says:

    I’m trying to go to Hawaii for my birthday, but airfare is so high now. I’ve been plenty of times and I’ve gone on cheap fares. What times is the best time to search? End of January, beginning of February? My birthday is on the 21st of February.

  76. alberto s says:

    I want to find a vacation package that includes the airfare, tickets, and hotel. I have been relentlessly searching online but to no avail. I find a flight and hotel but no tickets or tickets and hotel but no flight. Please help! This is my first time planning a vacation. It is for two adults.

    I am looking for a website or phone number.

    Thank you so much!

  77. hank baseballs says:

    I am MOH in a wedding. The bride has spoken to me and she has decided she wants to plan her own destination bachelorette party. She is planning all the activities and doing the reservations. Since the bride is the one planning the event, do the bridesmaids still have to foot the bill for her airfare/accommodations plus their own expenses? I can’t afford to pay for both because I do plan for paying for food/beverages/activities for the bride while there.

  78. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    Some website such as one travel and airlines companies have options to enter a promotional/coupon code to book an airfare ticket. Do you know how to search and get the airfare promotional/coupon code? Thank you for your answer.

  79. Arminator says:

    Im looking for a program that allows you to travel abroad in europe and pays for your airfare or full trip. Maybe scholarships or something. Any programs out there that provide abroad scholarship programs that i can enroll in. Im fine with paying for airfare. But im basically looking to minimize the cost of my trip.

  80. SteveO says:

    We will be going to Walt Disney World in September. I haven’t bought the airline tickets yet. The fares are still a bit too high (Indianapolis to Orlando) so I have been waiting for a lower price. How much longer should I wait? When is the most economical time to buy a low-cost airfare ticket for September flights? Thanks!
    Sounds good! The only thing is that my dates are fixed: Leave September 13th, Return September 19th. I know those days of the week aren’t ideal, but those are the days I have to travel, unfortunately.

  81. morbiusdog says:

    How much do you think is the airfare in the caribbean from philippines. Philippines- caribbean. Please answer. How do you think is the airfare

  82. Keegan says:

    I have heard a lot about this, that depending on what time of day or night you go to book your flight online, you can get a ridicoulous low airfare at a certain time of the day?


  83. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    We live in Salt Lake City and we booked our hotel in Cancun, Mexico for a week long vacation in June. What are the secrets to finding the cheapest airfare?

  84. SKATEskum says:

    My son travels with his job. He gave his employer a 1 week notice and the employer wants to deduct the cost of the airfare for the next job he was suppose to be going on in 2 weeks. Can he make my son pay him for this airfare?

    Thank you.

  85. ttocs says:

    On all of the airfare sites I’m seeing a lot of winter sales. I’m planning a trip to Europe in July and I wanted to know when the best time to buy those tickets are. Will there be sales for summer soon?

  86. PoohBearPenguin says:

    I am hoping to fly there, but the places I have looked at are to expensive. I was wondering if any knew cheap airfare tickets.
    Also, if u know a airfare cheap. Leave where you find out this information. The website.

  87. zigg3ns says:

    Right now the current airfare is about $1300 per person, we are going next june on our honeymoon so i didnt know if we should wait, or if it drops to a certain number if we should buy. We have never flown before so im not exactly sure what a good deal would be on these flights.

  88. Brian says:

    I want to visit Ireland in October, and prices right now seem to hover around $900 based on several of the airfare search sites (expedia, orbitz, travelocity). Is that a reasonable price, or should I wait it out a bit and possibly get a better deal?
    Flying from Phoenix.

  89. Larry R says:

    I’m planning a trip to California from New York this summer for some time in July (my dates are flexible). They say a good time to book flights is 3 weeks in advance.

    But is it better to book my flight now or to wait 3 weeks before I want to go to get the CHEAPEST airfare?

  90. morbiusdog says:

    I searched the international airfare online. Some websites show the cheap airfare. But, the total price after adding the tax and fees will have no much difference on all websites. I called a local travel agency for the same ticket. It can be lower than about $150. Why can the travel agency issue the cheaper airfare than the same ticket price online? Is it possible to know the invoice airline ticket price?

  91. Superman says:

    I haven’t flown for many years. I recall seeing a consumer story on TV in the past that certain days of the week are best for checking for low or lowered airfare prices. I’m only talking about domestic US flights. Anyone heard of this? Best days or time of day to check online for bargains/lower prices for airline tickets? I’m planning to fly in May, but want to shop for good deals now, as my budget is tight. Thanks!

  92. nick s says:

    Is it worth searching for airfare in sites like expedia or travelocity instead of going directly to the airlines?
    I’m searching for a round-trip from SJU to JFK (12/19-12/22) and I’ve seen them cheaper through the airline (jetblue, AA, etc…)


  93. Anny says:

    What is the best site to find companion airfare or companion airline tickets? Is there one always available for somebody to search? Do specific airline sites (e.g. Delta) have them? Are they really worth it, or do they jack the price up so much that you are better paying for two of the separately? I have typed in companion airfare, Southwest Airlines companion airfare, and companion airfare from Birmingham, AL. They were done in separate searches but nothing gave me a good solid answer.

  94. Arminator says:

    Where can i find the cheepest airfare from chicago to las vegas ?

    any ideas ? Cheep airfares for a last minute trip ?

  95. Gamer959 says:

    What and How much is the cheapest airfare from Dubai to Philippines – roundtrip?
    Date of departure and available seats at December 2007….
    Or have connecting flight at Hongkong can be okay too…. ^^

  96. Taylor G says:

    What sites can I use that will give me cheap airfare?I have searched online but most sites are giving prices over $489 per ticket from where I am flying from.I am traveling one way.I do not want to travel two states over just to get a cheaper airfare.

  97. simply complicated says:

    I am planning a honeymoon from September 17th to October 13 from San Francisco (SFO) to Athens Greece. Airfare is currently about $1200 round trip per person. I have about 170,000 American miles and 230,000 United miles, but can’t find a frequent flier ticket to get me to Europe. Do people have ideas about cheap bargins to Europe (e.g. travel to London and then use ryanair to get to Greece). Which have worked really well for you to defray the cost?

  98. Matthew S says:

    I am planning a euro trip and airfare from rome seems increadibly expenisive. Is there any alternative source I could be missing?
    This would be at the end of my trip, in the time area of late july, 2009. I’m looking for a one way flight, and connecting flights are no problem.

  99. nathan says:

    I’m thinking of going somewhere in the Pacific, but I’m pretty flexible. I’m looking for a job that includes a place to live and airfare to get over there. Is this a sensible thing to be looking for, or should I start saving up airfare now?

  100. Heath says:

    My husband and I want to book a trip to London July 2013 and we found airfare from Boston to London for $844. That seems like a really good price to me, but I was wondering if more seasoned travelers thought so, or if they think the price might go down. Thanks!

  101. The Villain says:

    I’m doing a career project in my high school multimedia presentations class and need to know what path you need to take to become one of the two and cannot do so without speaking to a professional.
    plz help me out :3

  102. xLittle21Yaox says:

    I recently graduated with a graphic design degree and now I am looking to teach myself some computer programming so I can combine the two and start creating my owns video games. As of right now, I know VERY little programming and computer language aside from some very basic html. I am wanting to branch out and teach myself the fundamentals and eventually advanced aspects of programming as well, but I want to know where I should start. I would appreciate it if someone could set me on the right path by suggesting various books, programs, software, etc that can help me achieve my goals.

    I would really love to be able to start out by working on iphone/ipad/ipod apps and eventually work my way up to computer software. I realize I might be asking for a lot, but I would really appreciate anything. Thank you in advance!

  103. Boo Cookie says:

    Okay so I want a droid.yeah all kids do.my parents won’t let me get one though.
    this is why I should be plowed to get one
    I am taking a foreign language
    I recently got inducted into the national junior honor society
    the two android phones I want(samsung conquer 4g free 10$ a month data plan and lg enlighten 4g free 30$ a month data plan) are both very cheap and for the samsung I would pay all of the data plan and for the lg I would pay at least a third of it with my allowance(15$ a month)my parents aren’t exactly thrilled about the internet thing so I did research online and found out how to turn off the Internet.besides my contract ends this weekend so I am getting a new phone either Saturday or Sunday.I could get free music on my phone by plugging it into my iTunes account or by downloading app like pandora radio and free music download.all the apps would be free because most of the games and apps I like are free and because you can get paid apps free using a trick my friend taught me(go on google and search download baseball superstars apk(don’t worry it works with all games))so basically it would be a remplacement for my iPod touch(which screen is cracked)And also my parents could download parental restriction apps so I couldn’t do anything bad on it(I wouldn’t anyway).with map apps it would be pretty much impossible to get lost.I could easily schedule things on a smartphone calendar.some video games I would like to get are expensive but I can find games just like them on the app store or find their apk’s and get them for free saving tons of money.another alternative is slacker radio.I can also download wrested apps like nook and kindle,which I have recently discovered you can checkout and download library ebooks onto.Studies show that about 94 percent of teens have smartphones and unfortunately I am in the extremely low 6% who don’t.Signing up for services like google latitude and foursquare would allow my parents and I to know each others locations at all times.learning apps like dictionaries would turn the phone into an instant homework helper.With apps like skype we could videochat wherever we want.If my parents let me get a smartphone it would not cost all that much more.if I got a bad grade/s they could take the phone away.

  104. Cliffy N says:

    I’ve read mixed reviews about both phones, I want to know which phone is the best phone, and does not mess up a lot.

  105. Oilers says:

    I am in a big dilemma right now because I want two things at once and I don’t have any money for anything.

    1. Pokemon X, because I’ve run out of games with a storyline to play on the go and I think it’ll be awesome. I’ve missed out on Pokemon gen 5 so I think it’ll be a good way to familiarize myself with it too.

    2. A new smartphone. I got my phone about a year ago and I have finally realized it wasn’t that smart of a buy. It’s clearly outdated, running on Android 2.3, having a very slow processor and screen size and resolution. But I found this other phone that looks like just the right phone for me, the Vodafone Smart Mini. Affordable AND good, running Android 4.0 and having a fairly-sized screen, it’s just perfect. I’ve seen it in person as well, one of my friends got it.

    Now here is the big question. Which one do I get for Christmas? I really need a new phone, considering my current one is slow, crashes a lot and pretty much doesn’t work well, though I really want Pokemon X because it’ll be a very awesome game.

    My parents are very strict about spending money so they won’t agree to me getting both, since it’s their money, not mine. I spent all of MY money on my 3DS XL. Do I get the Vodafone Smart Mini for Christmas and Pokemon X on my birthday, about a month later?

    Please help, I really need your answers.

  106. Flash Funk says:

    is the samsung worth the extra 150

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